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The aim of this website is to advise you about the use of a 3D logo. Generally, a 3D logo is another option for the looks of your current corporate logo. However, you can also opt to use only a 3D logo to represent your company. The contents on this website will analyze the benefits and characteristics of this type of design, and will inform you about the basic matters you should be aware of as a client.

The importance of an informed client is essential in a logo design development. The client must make decisions, suggestions, analyze ideas. If the client is not informed, how can he make any decision? Uninformed clients make decisions based on their personal taste, and this is wrong: there are design parameters, standards, methodologies, esthetics, styles, etc. that should be respected. If the client knows about these subjects, he will make an informed and accurate analysis of the project and its possible modifications. However, the client should always take into special consideration the designer's words: this is why he hires him for. It's completely wrong to consider the designer a mere illustrator or a copyist whose job is limited to drawing lines in a neat and pretty way. A designer is a professional in charge of transforming ideas into graphic objects, taking into consideration many variables, technical and esthetic aspects and trends.

The sections on this website handle the subjects in a way that you can read what you want, without having to read the whole website. However, we recommend reading it all in the given order, as the content is organized beginning with the simplest and going to the most complex.

"What Is a Logo?" is the first explanatory section on this website. Here you will get to know the basic aspects of a logo as a company's representative image.

"What Is a Logo for?" the first thing to consider before starting thinking about 2D and 3D logos, is the logo function. The function of a logo is more important than its looks.

"What Are the Benefits of 3D Logos?" in this section we specifically deal with the benefits that using a 3D logo brings: the graphic aspects, the advertising strength, etc.

"2D and 3D logo compatibility" on this page we analyze how to combine -if possible- your 2D and 3D logos. Often, both designs can be combined and they strengthen each other.

"How to Create a 3D Logo?" as a final point, we explain other ways to create 3D logos without having to turn to a designer. The result may not be the same, but it's another option and we must deal with it.

In this way we conclude the summary of each section that make up this website. We want to welcome you warmly to this website about 3D logos. We hope we can help as much as possible and allow you to accomplish your goals. We invite you to join us in this journey through the fascinating world of 3D logos.

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